Bayshore Beautiful is a voluntary neighborhood association, founded in 1988.
What are BBNA's Boundaries?
Our boundaries are El Prado, Julia Circle & Julia Street to the North, Bayshore Boulevard to the East, Gandy Boulevard to the South, and Himes Avenue to the West. Julia Circle was recently added to our boundaries. 

What is a Neighborhood Association?

A neighborhood association, generally speaking, is a voluntary, volunteer-run association that serves its membership by informing them of issues that may affect the neighborhood. Your volunteers monitor the City of Tampa's city council calendar for issues affecting the neighborhood and do their best to inform you of them so you may determine if you support or oppose the issues. Meetings are organized and held to address concerns, foster a community attitude, and determine next steps when and if a need arises for action. 

What do the dues cover?

Dues are only $15 a year. They go to support the usual operating expenses, which include our PO Box, website, postage, copies, meeting refreshments, printing costs, and inclusion in our newsletter and upcoming events. Dues also cover corporation fees, our membership in Tampa Homeowners Association of Neighborhoods (THAN) and enables you to vote in executive board elections. 

If you believe in the mission of the BBNA, you are more than welcome to contribute more than your dues. Doing so helps your volunteers continue to make the neighborhood a better place.


What is the difference between a neighborhood association and an HOA?

The BBNA is not an HOA. It does not have mandatory membership, nor does it have deed restrictions or rules for homeowners. Rather than being a governing entity, like HOAs frequently are, BBNA is an entity that helps neighbors stay informed and helps build the community.

How can I get involved?

We need you! We have a variety of volunteer needs, including sign volunteers, block captains, social organizers, and contributors for our newsletter. And of course, your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated! Sign up here to volunteer!