El Prado Survey February 2022

BBNA | El Prado Survey Results | February 2022


We had 51 responses to the survey, with an approximate 14% response rate. Overall, most respondents said that they were highly unfavorable, or unfavorable with changes if considered. The main concerns with this project are the impediment of traffic or increased traffic on surrounding streets. Those that were highly favorable or favorable with changes noted main reasons as improved safety overall and the ability to bike/walk to their destination safely.


All respondents own vs. rent a home in the Bayshore Beautiful neighborhood and most respondents (58%) have lived here for 20+years. Over 70% of respondents do not walk or bike to school or work and 80% do not have children that attend a school in the Bayshore Beautiful neighborhood.

Please note that the comments are not included in this report to conceal the identities of the people who submitted them. Those comments, however, will be submitted to the city council planning committee. We want to thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback.