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Welcome to the Bayshore Beautiful Neighborhood Assocation website. For full access, sign up to become a member today!


The Bayshore Beautiful Neighborhood Association (BBNA) is a volunteer-run neighborhood association founded in 1988. The Association's boundaries are Gandy Boulevard, Bayshore Boulevard, Himes Avenue, and El Prado with the recently added streets, Julia Street & Julia Circle. 


We are a membership-based organization that is designed to advocate on behalf of our neighbors to local governments, keep residents informed on matters affecting our neighborhood, and are charged with organizing activities to help bring the neighborhood together.

Neighborhood News 
Tampa City Council Election Results

March 8th 

Tampa Mayor

  • Tampa Mayor Jane Castor (22,974 votes, 80.14%)

  • Write-in (5,693 votes, 19.86%)

Tampa City Council

District 1

  • Incumbent Joseph Citro (6,191 votes, 20.10%)

  • Sonja Brookins (6,921 votes, 22.47%)

  • Alan Clendenin (12,424 votes, 40.33%)

  • Chase Harrison (5,267 votes, 17.10%)

District 2

  • Incumbent Guido Maniscalco (14,450 votes, 46.98%)

  • Michael Derewenko (2,064 votes, 6.71%)

  • Robin Lockett (7,618 votes, 24.77%)

  • Mike Suarez (6,625 votes, 21.54%)

District 3

  • Incumbent Lynn Hurtak (13,362 votes, 42.52%)

  • K.J. Allen (1,648 votes, 5.24%)

  • Janet Cruz (12,182 votes, 38.76%)

  • George Feshev (2,999 votes, 9.54%)

  • Jose Vazquez (1,237 votes, 3.94%)

District 4

  • Incumbent Bill Carlson (8,114 votes, 59.30%)

  • Blake Casper (5,569 votes, 40.70%)

District 5

  • Incumbent Orlando Gudes (2,538 votes, 48.86%)

  • Gwendolyn Henderson (2,613 votes, 50.31%)

  • Write-in (43 votes, 0.83%)

District 6

  • Incumbent Charlie Miranda (4,028 votes, 49.39%)

  • Tyler Barrett (632 votes, 7.75%)

  • Rick Fifer (981 votes, 12.03%)

  • Nicole Payne (753 votes, 9.23%)

  • Hoyt Prindle (1,761 votes, 21.59%)


Based on the results, races for City Council District 1, District 2, District 3 and District 6 will move to a runoff.

The runoff election will be held on April 25th.

Food Prevention Week 

April 10-16th.

Food waste prevention week. 

March Newsletter 

March 2023

The March newsletter was mailed to 3,000 households in the BB neighborhood last week. We are thankful for the great response we've received to date! All new members will be published in our next email campaign and will be added to our members list in the fall newsletter. To view the March newsletter, click here. 

Family Fun Fest 

Sunday, April 16th 2-4PM 
South Tampa YMCA Outside Basketball Courts


Save the date! It's the Bayshore Beautiful Neighborhood Association's 35th anniversary and to celebrate we are hosting a neighborhood gathering with games, treats, and other fun activities. More details to come! To register in advance, please click here. To sponsor or volunteer at this event, please email us at


Hillsborough Schools 

Superintendent proposes a more ‘sensitive’ school boundary plan.

Tampa Bay Times

By Marlene Sokol


Hillsborough County Superintendent Addison Davis is offering a new proposal for changing school attendance boundaries aimed at allaying many concerns raised by the public in recent weeks.


Under his plan, released during a school board meeting Thursday, boundary changes and resulting school reassignments would not go into effect until August 2024, giving families more time to prepare. The district previously envisioned rolling out the changes this fall.


Davis also proposed laying out specific plans ahead of time for schools that would be closed and repurposed for other uses due to the changes. And he said attendance boundaries for Plant High and Coleman Middle School would not be altered — a significant change from a consultant’s recommendation, and one that addresses major opposition from parents at both schools.

For more, click HERE and HERE.

Police Patrols

January 2023

Our association collects donations to fund extra police patrols to keep our Bayshore Beautiful neighborhood safe. We receive bi-weekly reports on reported activities which we post on our members-only news/update section. Please consider donating to this fund today. 



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